Is The Pocket Hose For Real? A Scam? A Miracle Hose?

Miracle Hose Review  (Pocket Hose Review)

miracle hose girl

If you watch TV at all chances are you have run across an infomercial or two.  While many of them can be annoying and even make unrealistic promises, every once in a while a new product comes out that is truly a game changer.  Although I would agree these products are few and far between, this site is dedicated to bringing you and honest review of what I believe is one of these”game changing” products.  In fact the last time I had these same feelings about a product it was for none other than the “George Foreman grill” and we all know how that turned out.  (Side note:  Did you know the grill was actually originally going to be called the “Hulk Hogan grill” but he turned it down!  I bet the Hulkster has been kicking himself ever since!)  Anyway, getting back on topic, some of the most famous products advertised are promoted by a company called As Seen On TV.  They pump out a ton of product but one of the more recent ones is called the “Pocket Hose.”  Throughout this page I plan to bring you my honest thoughts on this revolutionary product.  Remember, as I stated in my About Us page, I only write about products I truly believe in and as you read on you will see why I am so confident in this one.


  1. Extremely Lightweight
  2. More Durabable Than Expected
  3. Takes Up Very Little Space
  4. Easy Cleanup
  5. Convenient Shutoff Switch


  1. Shutoff Switch Is Hard Plastic Instead Of Metal
  2. Have To Figure Out What To Do With Your Old Hose :)

As you can see, I’m a big believer in this hose.  Finally a product that is not expensive and makes my life easier.  I was sick of the hassle of dealing with larger clunky rubber hoses and I believe I’ve found an answer with this great product.