About Us

Hello and welcome to Miraclehose.org.  My name is RJ and I have a hobby of creating websites around products I believe in and want to share my knowledge on.  That being said, I only create sites on products I truly believe in.  I created this site because about 4 months ago I was sick and tired of dealing with my clunky garden hose.  I had had it with having to roll it up after each use especially after it was wet and muddy from use.  I knew their had to be a better way.  In steps the “Pocket Hose” or as I like to call it, the “Miracle Hose.”  This inexpensive hose is so easy to roll up and put away because it shrinks down to almost nothing.  Its also lightweight and way more durable than I expected.  Combine those things with the low cost and I think we have a winner.  Thanks for stopping by!


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